About Us
Debbie Huffman brings over 25 years of teaching experience to the academy.
She started dancing when she was 9 years old with the Ann Freeman Dance
Academy in Hickory, NC.  Her love for dance has never stopped.   All during
elementary and high school dance took priority over any other activities.   
During those days she was one of the Carolina Dance Masters Proteges and
they performed all across the state.  To this day Debbie and Ann Freeman who
was recently named the President of Dance Masters of America have
remained close and work together often on Dance Master and other
professional projects.  In 1977 Debbie worked for Carowinds in the live shows
department.  In 1978 Debbie went to Chicago to study dance with The famed
jazz teacher 's Gus Giordano Dance Center.  Debbie has taken teacher training
classes at Kent State University and is now a graduate in Dance from the
Teachers Training School of  Buffalo University in New York.  She has been a
certified teacher with Dance Masters of America since 1979  and now
participates in testing and certifying other teachers. Debbie has served as a
judge at many pageants and competitions.  Many of her students have gone
on to dance in college and or worked professionally.  She is now teaching the
children of her former students.  Debbie has always taken an interest in
seeing the children not only learn to dance , but to take responsibility, and
grow with commitment and dedication to life's challenges.  She is married to
Cade Huffman who serves as the general business manger of the studios and
works in the travel business also.  Debbie has a daughter Tiera, and two sons.
Nicholas , in Baltimore, MD and Micah who lives in Charlotte.
Melody Poarch  started taking classes from Ms Debbie when she was about
seven years old and hasn't stopped dancing yet.  Her dedication to dance has
been an inspiration to us all.  While taking dance Melody won the Miss Dance
of the Carolina's title.  After high school she attended Western Piedmont
Communtity College then went on to become one of the Charlotte Hornets
dance team "The Honeybees".  She then worked along with her future
husband Greg in the live shows department of Carowinds in Charlotte.  She
then toured world wide working for Royal Caribbean cruises performing in the
stage shows and productions of the live shows entertainment group.  Melody
has been teaching for us full time for several years and doing special classes
prior to working with us full time.  Melody  passed her exams to become a
certified teacher and member of Dance Masters of America.  She and her
husband Greg who is an entertainer in his own right live in Morganton.  They
have two dancing girls and one handful of a son named Jackson. Melody is all
about solos and competitions.
Sarah Dice has been taking dance since she was 3 years old from Debbie
Huffman Dance Academy.   She was a student assistant for many years as well
as a dance team member.  Sarah graduated from Appalachian University with
a teaching degree in 2013 and she now teaches in the Hickory City School
system.  Sarah works with our preschoolers , elementary , as well  working
with the solo competition students.   Sarah's  never ending love of dance is
quite apparent  as she shares with her students.
Mindy Coffey started taking dance at the age of three and came to Debbie Huffman at
the age of seven. She became a student assistant in middle school and continued to
assist until she could teach her own classes. She became a member of our
competition team and continued to compete with us throughout her college years.
Mindy graduated from Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute with an
Associates in Radiologic Science and an Associates in General Education in 2016.  She
now works as a Radiologic Technologist as well with teaching dance. She met her
husband, Chad Coffey, at Debbie Huffman Dance Academy where they were dance
partners for three years. Mindy works with our preschoolers all the way up to our high
school students. Teaching Acrobatics, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, and our Hudson Senior
competition teams, she shares her love and passion for dance.